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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nature is Telling us Something!

From time to time nature tends to remind us how fragile our attempts to control things are. 

The recent storm that swept accross the Greater Toronto Area causing flooding throught the entire city and surrounding areas, was one of those "light" reminders.  That just happen to hit a little closer to home for some.

Thankfully the storm with all the flodding damage it caused, did not cost a life!  However with hundreds or Thousands of people left without power; many for a few days!  We are reminded of how fragile our distribution system is. 

One way to strengthen our system is to produce more power locally.  We can all help with installing a simple solar PV system.  Even a 1kw system will provide a benefit to you and the system.  It will lower your electric bill and help provide stability for all. 

In my own personal example I've managed through energy efficiency measures to cut my energy consumption by 50%.  It just take a plan then simply execute.  Then with our solar PV system operating on the rooftop we generate enough of our own energy, safely, cleanly and efficiently enough to offset our consumption.  This put us in a Net Zero catergory home. 

Essentially we are a 0 impact home. 

Just so everyone doesn't think I'm sitting in the dark like some hermit in woods.  Here is some of what we are operating.

First off the home is separated into 2 fully functioning apartments.  So that means 2 refrigerators, 2 Electric ovens, hood fans, central air conditioning, washer/dryer, gas fireplace.... Basically whatever you might expect. In an apartment x2.

What's the difference?

We just made the effort to adjust the appliances and how we use them to be more energy efficient.  Changing light bulbs to CFL's and LED are a great help as well.  The adjustments took us half the way and the solar got us over the finish line in achieving a NET ZERO impact.

It's possible and we can show you how with a Rapid Energy Assesment for a small fee. 

If you're interested in saving on your bills and doing your part.

Call us at 416-629-1446 and ask for Tony

We service all over the GTA and many parts of Ontario, Canada!  

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Solar Solution

The Solar Solution

For people reading this article take a look at the offers below. Only you will receive the offers or someone you tell
There are many ways for us to combat Global Climate change and the solution starts with each of us.  Simple solutions such as, remembering and training ourselves and children to turn off lights and appliances not in use and changing over light bulbs to CFLs and LEDs.  both are great options!
To take the solution a step further, each of us have the ability to generate our own energy.  Solar PV systems have become much more mainstream, and it's not just a fad.  The impact and savings are REAL!
The trick is to offset our consumption and understand it a little better.  To help understand consider a standard toaster rated at 1000watts.  If you run that toaster for 1 hr you consumed 1kwh and you are then billed for that kwh.  If you only run the toaster once a day for 2 minutes it would take you 30 days (roughly 1 month) to reach that 1kwh.
For people reading this article take a look at the offers below. Only you will receive the offers or someone you tell
You pay for that kwh and it must be generated from somewhere, somehow.  Typically that power is generated from combinations of hydro, coal fire, nuclear and small percentage of renewables.  for the most part these are some of the main things causing global climate change and destroying wonderful natural environments!  Why not generate clean energy for yourself, make a statement and be rewarded for it?
Even a small 1kw rated solar PV system makes a difference.  Consider the toaster example.  Typical toaster will use 1kwh of energy per month as above.  A 1kw solar PV system, properly positioned will generate between 5-6kwh's on a sunny day in Toronto, Ontario.  Therefore in that one day of solar production, your system can produce enough energy to run the toaster for approximately 6 months.  Once you understand this principal you can begin to understand benefits to you. 

However also consider the benefits of what you are doing!  A 1kw solar PV system will offset 1 tonne of Co2 emissions each year.  Not only do you save money year over year, you are price protected from energy hikes but you also make a great direct impact toward protecting our environment!  You simply can't lose!   
I won't go into the scares of Global Climate change.  I am certain we all know them.  Instead consider solutions.  Solar energy is everywhere and we can do some great things. 
I've been designing and running solar projects for many years now and I can tell everyone not only does it work and is it worth it, but costs have come down.
I encourage everyone who has taken the time to read this article to at least consider contact us and take advantage of one of the offers below.   
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