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Wasting your Tax money!

With the introduction of the Ontario Green Energy Act there was an included portion. Ontario residence will know it as the MicroFIT and FIT programs. Both programs supported the implementation of sustainable energy systems across the province.

Since the introduction the program was illustrated as being too expensive.

The program went under review in September of 2011. Since that time the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has delayed time and time again.

I wanted to bring a few issues to light that I beleive the Ontario Tax PAYERS should really know. The programs I mentioned above were designed to attract business to the province and required them to make substancial investments into the economy. Many companies stepped up to the plate and spent close to $30 Billion in investments and therefore creating jobs for Ontario residence. (I applaude all of them)

These companies are suffering from the lack of sales they are able to generate due to the lack of contract approvals from the OPA. the government openned the doors to these companies and for longer then a year now they the government has only hurt there business.

On the topic of these programs being to expensive. I offer the following tid bit of information. and YES it involves ALL ONTARIO TAX PAYERS' ALLOCATION OF FUNDS!!!!

Darlington is expected to shut down its first reactor in 2015 for the refurbishment process. One reactor generates roughly 6.4twh of energy. We could replace all that under the MicroFIT and FIT programs using solar pv, wind turbine, etc. if only the contracts started flowing again from the OPA and we can do it more quickly.

Sustainable energy using only wind turbines would cost approximately $738 million to replace the energy from the reactor. That sounds like alot HOWEVER the cost of nuclear to prodice the same amount of energy is $12-24 billion!!!! (see the Clean Air Alliance for cost comparison)

The difference is huge. So as tax payers please don't turn a blind eye. we have to start reacting to the governement misusing our funds.

the financial consequence is clear! and don't be fooled nuclear is not the cleanest thing out there. it may help keep the air clean but it can destroy farmland. I for one, like to eat so please let your MP know that you are tired your money being spent unwisely and you want to keep your environment clean!

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