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Friday, May 2, 2014

Stop the Bills!!!

Utility rates continue to go up. 

everyone knows electric rates go up.  But have we really considered the percentages.  most people don't really think much about it because it doesn't hurt their wallets as much as other things.

And lets face it.  We need energy, so what can you do.  actually there is plenty and more and more people are waking up to it.

I bet most people didn't know in Ontario the average electric rate increases 6% each year on average.  I but most people out there didn't get a 6% raise. 

Given what we already know...consider the future for a moment.  In 2013 our local electricity rate increase 8.5% not 6%.  at the end of 2013 rate hikes were approved for the next 5 years to increase rates by more then 40% of what it is today! 

That's more then 10% per year on average.
If that's not bad enough, utility and energy generators have already submitted to increase rates even more!

It's not just gas companies any more!

To help protect yourselves from insane future bills.  TAKE ACTION!!!!

We've put together a quick list of solar energy system kits that will offset your energy bills.  By using one of these system you can essentially offset most or all of your energy needs and net your electric bill to virtually $0 energy cost.

If your end bill was essentially nothing then increases of any kinds will truly have no effect to you and therefore protects your hard earned money keeping it where it belongs.  with you!

Consider the solar solution....I've lived with it for years and honestly say there are no regrets!  Great investment to protect against futures.

Take and look and contact me with any questions, I will try to do what I can to help.

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