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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Opportunity All around - Taking Advantage is up to you.

Right now, if you had the opportunity to make a 7% Return on Investment, would you invest?
Compared to a bank rate of 0.5% or 1%. A 7% return sounds pretty good.
Would it matter what the investment was? And what if that 7% increased each year with no additional investment? Would you invest then?
One more thing, what if that 7% return you received was TAX FREE!!! Yes, tax free! Ask yourself. Would you invest then?
Before we say more, Let me share a hypothetical situation.

Most of us drive a vehicle of some sort. There are costs associated with driving we are all aware of. Mainly gasoline and the high cost of it and when the price of gas increases we have to pay more. We pay because without gasoline the car is of little use and the vehicle is such a valuable part of our lives. Now, what if there was a product that could be added to your car that would eliminate most or all of your gas costs for as long as you have that car and protect you from paying those increases. Wouldn’t you want to know more? And how valuable would that be?
The product does exist. But it’s not for your car and doesn’t replace gasoline. It’s for your home and it replaces hydro.
In today’s world, most people would say Solar is just too expensive, and many would listen and stop right there. But if you were making a 7% return, would it really matter and wouldn’t you want to know more? Plus the fact that it would protect you from increases of hydro rates.
Did you know that people who are on Time of Use rates with their hydro company today can make a 7% Return by installing a small residential solar energy system. And that percentage return would only increase each year. With a 25year performance manufacturer warranty, consider how that might add up. With little to no risk!
Just as gas is critical to the car, hydro is to your home and your way of life. We all know when gas increases we pay more out of pocket, and it’s the same with hydro. But Solar Energy has decreased in price so you can now make that great return!
Many people invest in a standard GIC just to receive a 2.5% return, which is taxable income!
The 7% return through a solar energy system is NON-TAXABLE! That’s right, on top of receiving a great percentage, you CANNOT BE TAXED on the return!
I design these systems to help homeowners and businesses achieve these results or even achieve better!
If you are a homeowner, or business owner, would you not want to know more?
The percentage returns outlined above are for small residential systems. Our custom designed Commercial and Industrial systems can yield even greater returns.
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